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Engine Diagnostics in Houston and Spring, TX

We provide complete auto repair services at both locations.

Total Engine Diagnostics Service in The Woodlands

Is your Check Engine Light on?

At our location off of Rayford Road in The Woodlands we can diagnose and repair most any and all of your auto repair needs. We have qualified technicians on hand. Diagnostics begin at $90.00 per hour and vary on level of difficulty. Electrical systems require additional labor.

OBD-II Diagnostics

All cars manufactured in 1996 and after are OBD-II compliant. OBD stands for On Board Diagnostics. Your OBD-II engine diagnostic allows us to check and monitor many parts of your car including the engine, parts of the chassis and body, and even some accessory devices.

Prices are below. Come on in for your complete engine diagnostic and service.

Prices subject to change. Call us or contact us online with questions.

Tommy Ripley V.P./G.M.

Engine Diagnostic
1996 and newer (OBD-II)$99.50
1995 and older$149.25
Air Conditioning$49.95 plus freon
Alignment check-out$19.95
2-wheel alignment$79.95 (most cars)
4-wheel alignment$99.95 (most cars)
Brake CheckFree
Exhaust CheckFree
Emission check-out (if you failed the emission test)$99.50
1996 and newer$99.50
1995 and older$149.25

Come in for a full engine diagnostic to get a complete understanding of the status of your vehicle's systems.

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