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Catalytic Convert Installations and Theft Protection

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Catalytic converter theft has become a growing concern for many drivers in the NW Houston area in recent years. Thieves target these devices because they contain precious metals, such as platinum, palladium, and rhodium, which can be sold for a significant profit. As a result, catalytic converter theft has become a more common problem in urban areas like Houston, TX, where cases of stolen catalytic converters have been on the rise.

How Ripley’s Total Car Care Can Help

The theft of a catalytic converter can leave car owners with a surprising repair bill, as they can be expensive to replace. Fortunately, Ripley’s Total Car Care in Spring, TX, and Houston, TX has aftermarket converters that are high-quality and fairly priced. To prevent catalytic converter theft, Ripley's Total Car Care also catalytic converter theft protection services. We believe that prevention is key, and we are committed to providing our clients with the most effective protection methods available.

Etch VIN Number and Paint

One of the ways we help protect your vehicle from catalytic converter theft is by etching the VIN number onto the converter itself. By doing this, it makes it less attractive to thieves as it can be traced back to the owner of the car. We also paint high-heat, orange paint to create a visible deterrent.

Anti-Theft Device

Additionally, we offer anti-theft shields, also known as cat shields, specifically for Toyota Tundras, Tacomas, Sequoia, and other commonly targeted vehicles. These shields are designed to make it more challenging for thieves to access and steal the catalytic converter.  

The catalytic converter converts poisonous gasses into non-poisonous gasses.

Catalytic converters began showing up in the United States in the mid 1970s as a pollution control device to help lower emissions in our air. The original converters clogged frequently and most people had them removed instead of replaced (illegal).

By the 1980s catalytic converters became required emission reduction equipment on all cars and most trucks. It has always been, and most likely will always be, illegal to remove a catalytic converter; whether or not your county requires it for vehicle inspection. More and more cars are required to meet California (C.A.R.B.) requirements. This is a much stricter standard.

If you are concerned about the possibility of theft, bring your car to Ripley's Total Car Care catalytic converter theft protection. We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of your vehicle, and our family-owned and operated shop is known for providing honest, affordable, and effective solutions. We also offer aftermarket converter installations to get the check engine light off your dashboard and ensure you pass your emissions test.

There’s no need to wait on back ordered parts with Ripley's Total Car Care. In most cases, our team can install devices on the same day. To grant you peace of mind, we back up all qualified repairs with a 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.

At Ripley's Total Car Care, we have been serving Northwest Houston for five decades and counting with an open and honest approach to our business. Our service advisors and technicians are dedicated to providing the best possible service to our customers, and our catalytic converter theft protection services are no exception.

Please give us a call or visit one of Ripley’s Total Car Care two shop locations (in Spring, TX and Houston, TX) today!

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