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Performance Exhaust in Spring and Houston, TX

More Power, Better Sound & Look

We install custom performance exhaust systems including mandrel bent pipes and performance mufflers.

Performance exhaust installations and upgrades are available at both Ripley's locations.

The original equipment exhaust system on your car or truck was probably designed to be quiet while still providing performance up to the manufacturer's standards.

Performance exhaust systems allow exhaust gasses to flow through faster and offer different exhaust tones depending on your taste. We offer the best custom performance exhaut systems available in Houston (and beyond) - even offering custom mandrel-bent stainless steel pipes.

Exhaust for Performance | Ripley’s Total Car Care

Dodge Challenger & Charger Exhaust Specials

Get awesome special prices as low as $250 for eliminator pipes or $550 for a custom exhaust with Magnaflow or FlowMaster muffers installed in your new Dodge Challenger or Dodge Charger.

Learn more about specials for new Dodge Challengers and Chargers.

Camaro Exhaust Special

Exhaust for Performance | Ripley’s Total Car Care

See the amazing deals for 2010 - 2017 Camaro custom exhausts. You might even have received a postcard.

Get the amazing performance exhaust (and sound) you want at a great low price.

Learn more about the "555" and "888" custom Camaro exhaust deals available at either Ripley's location.

Performance And Sound

Magnaflow's Stainless Mufflers | Ripley’s Total Car Care

One of the most popular sounds is the "Flowmaster" Muffler sound. This is very popular on Mustangs, Camaros, and Pickups.

Performance Without Sound

Most people want the performance without the sound and typically we recommend the "Magnaflow" brand.

Call us or contact us online to get your custom dual exhaust installed. This offer is available at both locations.

See our image gallery for tons of cool performance exhaust systems from Ripley's Muffler & Brakes.

Cosmetic Duals - Better Sound, Performance, & MPG

There are as many choices for performance exhausts as there are cars and trucks to put them on. Our most popular scenarios are "cosmetic duals" on pickup trucks. One muffler with two tailpipes and stainless steel tips of your choice.

Unless you are a performance nut, it is not recommended to alter the emission system of your vehicle and the "cosmetic duals" give you better sound, performance, and a gas mileage improvement without affecting your vehicle's warranty.

Muffler Tips | Ripley’s Total Car Care

Call us or contact us online. We will set you up with an affordable performance exhaust that fits your preferences. See our image gallery for tons of cool performance exhaust systems from Ripley's Muffler & Brakes.

Custom Camaro Exhausts

Tommy Ripley V.P./G.M.

Ready to upgrade to Custom Exhaust from Ripley's?

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