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Suspension in Houston and Spring, TX

Here at Ripley's Total Car Care in Houston and Spring, TX, we offer comprehensive suspension repair and services. Your vehicle's suspension system is responsible for ensuring that your drive is controlled and smooth. It enhances your handling ability and also works directly with your car's steering system. 

An issue with your car's suspension system can cause a number of different symptoms. For example, you may notice that your ride is bouncy or bumpy, or that your tires have begun to wear down excessively or unevenly. Common problems that can occur with your suspension system are worn shocks or struts, which can occur around the 60,000-mile mark. 

We provide complete auto repair services at both locations.

Total Auto Suspension Checks & Repairs

Suspension Service | Ripley’s Total Car Care

There is more to your suspension than just ride comfort and cornering - the topics most associated with suspension. If you start to notice any problem with your steering or suspension system, we invite you to our nearest location for a proper comprehensive inspection. We can determine the cause of your symptoms, and provide you with recommendations for how to restore your car back to its best operating condition. 

Proper Alignment & Safety

In order to properly align your car and prevent premature tire wear, it is necessary to keep your vehicle's suspension in proper working order.

A suspension that is "out of whack" can be dangerous - especially on wet roads and sharp curves. In those moments when you need your car to respond quickly, your suspension can make the difference between continuing down the road and not. This is why it is so important to have your vehicle looked at as soon as you notice a problem with the handling of your car. 

Whether you need a suspension system repair, new shocks or struts, or a wheel alignment, we invite you to bring your vehicle into Ripley's Total Car Care for professional service. We can properly assess the issue and get your car restored so that you can be safe on the road again. Give us a call or schedule an appointment online today!

Got concerns about your suspension. We've got answers.

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