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Shock Replacements & Service

KYB Shock | Ripley’s Total Car Care

We replace, service, and upgrade shocks and struts.

Your shocks' main purpose is to keep your tires on the road. During normal driving, you drive over potholes, speed bumps, etc.,

Shocks absorb the pounding and keep your wheels on the pavement without bumping you out of your seat. Suspension systems have become more sophisticated in the last decade or so which has driven up the cost of shocks but also has made shocks evolve into struts.

You may have shocks or struts on your vehicle, depending on your type of suspension.

Call the Ripley's location nearest you or come on in to get your shocks checked or replaced.

Check for Bad Shocks

There are "tell tale" signs of bad shocks...

  1. Bounce Test: Go to each corner of your car and bounce as many times as you'd like. It should stop bouncing within 1 1/2 to 2 bounces. If it bounces more the car may need shocks.
  2. Leaks: Look around the area of the shock to look for a hydraulic fluid leak
  3. Tire Wear: If you have spots wearing in uneven patterns throughout your tire that is a sign the tire is bouncing excessively due to weak shocks.

Monroe Shock | Ripley’s Total Car Care

Call the Ripley's location nearest you or come on in to get your shocks checked. Fixing them now is not only the safest plan but it might save you a few dollars in prevented tire wear.

We stock KYB and Monroe shocks.

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Thank you for choosing Ripley's Muffler & Brakes.

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Think you may need new shocks? Come by one of our locations for a thorough diagnosis.

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