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Wheel Alignments in Spring and Houston, TX

Wheel Alignments

Computer-Aligned by Experienced Technicians

Properly Aligned the First Time

At Ripley's Total Car Care in Houston and Spring, TX, we are your source for professional wheel alignments in the area for all makes and models of vehicles. Proper wheel alignment is essential to your safety on the road because it ensures accurate handling and prevents issues with your tires and suspension system. When you bring your vehicle into our shop, our experts utilize the best equipment to perform your vehicle's alignment service. Your car or truck will be properly aligned the first time with our state-of-the-art Hunter wheel alignment equipment. We use a P411 computer alignment machine along with the DSP400.

If your car is wearing tires unevenly or too quickly, pulling in one direction, or has a crooked steering wheelbring it in to the location nearest you and one of our experienced technicians will look into your problem. These are sure signs that your wheel alignment is off, which can happen after a certain period of time or due to specific occurrences. For instance, hitting a curb, a pothole, road debris, or getting into a minor car collision can all cause your wheels to be forced out of alignment. Our alignment service is quick and accurate to ensure that your wheels are set properly in accordance with your suspension system. 

Check-Out (if alignment is needed but declined)$69.95
Front-Wheel Alignment$99.95 (most cars)
Four-Wheel Alignment$119.95 (most cars)

Sometimes it is necessary to replace parts, in addition, to properly aligning the vehicle. We'll only sell what's necessary to get the job right the first time - that's a promise. We've been trusted in the area for over 47 years and counting, and continue to provide our customers with the excellent customer service that they deserve. 

Call or come on in to get your car aligned right the first time.

Tommy Ripley V.P./G.M.

Got alignment questions? Call us or come by the shop.

If you need a wheel alignment in Houston and Spring, TX, we invite you to call our nearest location or feel free to schedule a visit using our online appointment form. We look forward to serving you!

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