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Our brake service technicians have been installing brakes in Houston since 1973. To date, we have done over 100,000 brake jobs!

The best way to save money on brake repairs and replacements is to get them fixed before additional damage happens.

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Visit Ripley's Muffler & Brakes today for a free brake check.

We'll check your brakes for free and your brake repairs will be among the best prices you will find anywhere in the Houston metro area and Spring, TX.

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Your brakes will be replaced with top of the line "Raybestos" brake parts, which are always in stock. You can select and order brakes from many other makes and manufacturers as well.

Honest & Accurate Repairs

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We realize you have a multitude of choices when choosing a brake service provider in Houston or Spring, TX. We take pride in treating you right, and only recommending and installing what you need.

At Ripley's you're treated like family. Because of our dedicated and loyal staff, you will recognize the same technicians working on your car each time you bring it in.

Come see first-hand why we have so many repeat customers!

Are your brakes squeaking, grinding, or do you have something else we can help you with?

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Brake Repair Warnings & FAQ

If your brakes are squealing constantly, grinding, or pull to one side when braking, there's more than likely a problem.

If you are experiencing one or more of these symptoms, it may be time to bring your car in to have your brake system checked by a professional.

Brake System Warning Light

Brake System Warning Light | Ripley’s Total Car Care

This symbol could indicate a serious Brake problem or a minor one, and anywhere in between. However, the light may also simply mean your emergency or hand brake is engaged. So if you see this light come on in your car, first make sure your emergency brake or hand brake is not engaged. If it is, simply disengage it, but if it's not, bring your vehicle to a stop as soon as you can. There are multiple parts of a the braking system that could fail, some of which, such as brake pads, need to be regularly changed. Failure to do so can lead to very expensive repairs. And to continue driving with defective brakes es extremely dangerous, for obvious reasons.

Anti-Lock Brake System Warning Light

Anti-Lock Brake System Warning Light | Ripley’s Total Car Care

ABS stands for Antilock Braking System. By limiting the chances of your brakes locking up during braking in extreme conditions such as a slippery road, ABS can keep your car from skidding out of control in these conditions.

If you see this light come on while driving in normal conditions, the anti-lock braking system may be failing and you should bring your car into Ripley's Muffler and Brake as soon as possible. For obvious reasons, driving with a faulty braking system is extremely dangerous.

Squealing Brakes

Squealing, squawking, and squeaking brakes can not only be annoying; these noises can indicate a potentially serious problem with your braking system. Squeaky brakes can panic a driver, as they are arguably the most important safety feature in every automobile.

Read the most common causes of squeaking breaks here.

Worn Out Brake Pads & Shoes

Worn out brake pads is the most common reason for squeaky brakes. Over time the brake pad surface wears away due to the friction between the brake pad and disc. Brake pads usually have built in wear and tear indicators that are small metal strips embedded in the brake pad material. If the brake pads have worn past the warning tabs, metal on metal can cause a pretty horrendous noise, and can do major damage to your brake system.

Brake Pad Vibration

If the brake pads shake or vibrate when they are applied, it leads to irregular or uneven pressure on the spinning brake rotor. That can lead to reduced brake power, and grinding and squeaking of brakes.

Distorted, Cracked, or Worn Brake Rotors and Calipers

Brake rotors are made so that their smooth, flat surfaces are easily held by brake calipers. Brake calipers have the function of squeezing the brake shoes tightly against the rotors. If the brake rotors are distorted or warped, they present an uneven surface for the brake calipers to hold. Uneven brake shoe application leads to squeaking brakes when driving.

Incorrectly Secured Caliper Bolts

Caliper Bolts are the two largest bolts near the brake mechanism on a wheel. A common reason for squeaking brakes can be that these caliper bolts could be too tight or too loose.

How often should I change my brakes?

Squeaking brakes get expensive when neglected

About Ripley's brakes

How do I know if I need to get my brakes checked?

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