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Custom Mandrel Bent Pipes for Cars, Trucks & Boats in Spring and Houston, TX

Daytona Race Car Custom Mandrel | Ripley's Total Car Care
Daytona Racecar Custom Mandrel

More Flow, More Horsepower

The purpose of a mandrel pipe bender is to maintain the flow volume in the bends of your exhaust system by retaining the original diameter of the pipe - and keep its flow volume and power.

Traditional "Press Benders" lose about 25% of the volume in the bend causing a restriction and limiting the volume of exhaust traveling through the system. Therefore, a 2 1/2 inch pipe is virtually reduced to 2 inches.

How the Mandrel Bender Works

The mandrel portion of the mandrel pipe bender is a probe that remains in the bend as the pipe passes by, maintaining the volume. This procedure keeps continuity in exhaust flow which results in more horsepower.

Custom Made Mandrel Bends for Your Car (not a kit)

Ripley's Muffler & Brakes at 1960 & Kuykendahl in Houston, TX is one of the only shops in the country with the ability to custom mandrel bend pipes. A lot of shops can provide mandrel kits and mandrel pieces but they don't always fit just right. A custom system is best because it offers a continuous piece that is specifically made for your vehicle. When mandrel pieces are used to build your system there may be joints that cause exhaust drag and negatively affect flow.

Camaro Exhaust Roar | Ripley's Total Car Care

Custom mandrel bent systems are expensive for a couple reasons. Stainless steel pipe is required to do the neatest and cleanest job and Stainless steel is more expensive than the traditional aluminized.

also offer mandrel exhaust systems for diesel trucks.

The time required to build a mandrel bent exhaust system is more than the time required for a regular system since every bend must be 100% correct and there is no room for error. The Mandrel Bender does NOT allow for re-bends as does the Traditional Press Bender.

Mandrel-Bent vs Press-Bent Pipe | Ripley's Total Car Care

Call us, contact us online, or come by to discuss custom mandrels and an exhaust system that best fits your needs.

Tommy Ripley V.P./G.M.

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