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Muffler & Exhaust

Best Prices, Best Mufflers in Spring, and The Woodlands

You will get affordable prices on every car and absolute top-quality work on your muffler or exhaust system when you bring your car or truck into Ripley's Muffler & Brakes.

Stock Muffler Replacements, Repairs, & Installations

We replace, repair, and install mufflers, catalytic converters, and complete exhaust systems on any make or model of car. If you think your car has an exhaust problem bring your car to the location nearest you. We'll treat you like family.

Performance Exhaust

Get the look and sound you've been wanting at an affordable price with custom performance exhaust system from Ripley's.

Whether you want to improve the sound of a brand new car or truck, increase the horsepower of your new sports car, or install a complete custom exhaust system from headers to tips to mandrel-bent pipes on your classic hot rod come to our 1960 & Kuykendahl location where our performance exhaust pros will install exactly what you want.

For examples of what's possible, take a look at our gallery online and come into the store for even more pictures of classic hot rods and high performance sports cars. Learn more about performance exhaust.

Diesel Exhaust Systems

We offer and install diesel exhaust systems - or components - for a much lower price than most dealerships.

Emission Repairs

Staying compliant with emissions laws and regulations is good for the environment and your wallet (fines can be big). Come into the location nearest you to get the emissions repairs needed to make your car pass the emissions test. Learn more about emissions repairs from Ripley's Muffler & Brakes.

Catalytic Converters

Catalytic Converter | Ripley’s Total Car Care

Required on almost all cars, the catalytic converter converts poisonous gasses into non-poisonous gasses.

We offer affordable catalytic converter replacements for damaged or stolen catalytic converters in Houston and surrounding areas. We can often replace your catalytic converter for about 1/2 of what dealers charge. So come to Ripley's Muffler & Brakes to spend less and get your car back on the road. Learn more about catalytic converter replacements or diesel catalytic converter replacements.

Special Limited Time Offers

Dodge Challenger & Charger Exhaust Specials

Dodge Performance Exhaust Specials | Ripley’s Total Car Care

Get awesome special prices as low as $250 for muffler deletes. For a custom exhaust system using Magnaflow or FlowMaser mufflers installed in your new Dodge Challenger or Dodge Charger, price is in the $555 range, depending on the mufflers chosen.

Again, for as low as $250 you can increase the sound!

And for $555 REALLY MAKE IT ROAR!!!

Again, for as low as $250 you can have a custom exhaust on your new Dodge Challenger or Charger!

Learn more about specials for new Dodge Challengers and Chargers.

Camaro Exhaust Special

Camaro Exhaust | Ripley’s Total Car Care

See the amazing deals for 2010 and newer Camaro custom exhausts. You might even have received a postcard.

Get the performance exhaust (and sound) you want at a great low price.

Learn more about the "555" and "888" custom Camaro exhaust deals available at either Ripley's location.

Thank you for choosing Ripley's Muffler & Brakes.

Tommy Ripley V.P./G.M.

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