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Automatic Transmission Oil Temperature Warning

Transmission Overheating

Propel levels and temperature of transmission oil, also called transmission fluid, are vital to your car's transmission working properly. This indicator light is warning you that the transmission fluid's temperature too high, which can lead to transmission failure. Transmission failures are one of a vehicle owner's worst nightmares, as they are notoriously expensive to repair, and one of the things mostly to damage your transmission is overheating.

The ideal maximum transmission temperature is 200 degrees. This is important to know because for every 20 degrees your transmission goes above 200, its life span is cut in half. Think about it. At 220 degrees, your transmission's life is cut in half. At 240 degrees, it's cut to one quarter of what it should be, and at 260 degrees, it can only last 1/8 of the time is should. So for something as costly as a transmission, you can see how preventing overheating is crucial.

When a transmission gets hot, it gives off a sweet smell. You may think it would stink or smell like an overheating engine, but it doesn't. It's actually a sort of sweet odor.

If you see this red light come on in your car, you should first pull over to allow your transmission to cool. If not, you could cause expensive transmission damage. Then, as soon as you can, bring your car in to have it serviced immediately. The expert technicians at Ripley's Muffler and Brakes will be able to identify the exact cause of this issue and make the repair.

On your own, you may want to check the transmission fluid level. If it is low, try adding some a little at a time to get the level right. It is important to only add a little at a time because adding too much transmission fluid can be bad for your vehicle.

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