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Texas Summer Heat Is No Picnic

Texas Summer Heat Is No Picnic

Global warming may be questionable, but Texas summers are hotter than ever! Heat is the number one enemy of most vehicles...especially your A/C, battery, & engine cooling components. Why Do Auto A/C’s Always Break Down In The Heat? It is common to hear car owners screaming in exasperation in 100 degree temps: “Why does the AC always break down now?” Well, it’s not just bad luck; there are many reasons for it. The air conditioning system relies on many parts that all work together to keep your car cool. The A/C system uses a refrigerant to lower air temperature and carry away heat, which cools and dehumidifies the air flowing into the interior. For the system to work properly, several key components, including the compressor, condenser, evaporator, valves, and hoses need to be in tip-top shape. Expert A/C Repairs At Rayford Road Location Although air conditioning systems are typically very reliable, they can break down. It’s quite clear that car ai ... read more


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