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OBD-II Trouble Codes

OBD-II Trouble Codes

OBD-II is the new standard of Onboard Diagnostic Systems and are in most cars and trucks on the road today. The OBD-II is a diagnostic computer that is hooked up to your car to control engine functions and diagnose problems. If there is a problem with a component of the vehicle, a trouble code will be given. Here some of the most common trouble codes, what they mean, what symptoms to look for, and some solutions to solving the problem, from the OBD Codes.com trouble code database. P0440 What Does it Mean? P0440 is the trouble code given when the evaporative emission control system has malfunctioned. The EVAP system contains the gas cap, fuel lines, carbon canister, purge valve, and other hoses within the car. The EVAP emission control system prevents fuel vapors from escaping from the fuel system of a vehicle Symptoms: Th ... read more


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