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5 Car Noises that Require Immediate Attention

Have you recently noticed your automobile making odd noises out of the blue? Typically, vehicles shouldn't make strange noises unless something is wrong. Most drivers hope that any sudden engine noise changes will go away. Unfortunately, strange engine noise hardly disappears.

So, it's best to watch out for the following car noises that need immediate attention.
1. Squealing or Chirping Sound
Your vehicle may need immediate attention if it squeals as you accelerate or turn it on. This odd noise may result from loose or old accessory belts for older automobiles. Additionally, squealing noises may come from faulty breaks. It means a lack of enough padding to protect the brakes.

2. Rumbling
Rumbling noises are often a result of a hole in your vehicle's muffler. Drive the vehicle to the nearest auto repair shop if you hear these noises to avoid inhaling the leaking fumes. Sometimes the rumbling noises are accompanied by shaking. The cylinders could be misfiring in such cases primarily due to a faulty spark plug.

3. Knocking
Most knocking sounds remind you about the condition of your automobile's ignition. The ignition could be faulty for many reasons, like poor fuel injector and damaged distributor cap. It could also be because of damaged spark plugs.

4. Popping
Your constant velocity joints on the front axle may need replacing if the popping sounds only manifest during a turn. You could encounter a broken axle while driving at high speeds or in heavy traffic. Ignoring this sound may be dangerous.

5. Hissing
If you hear a strange hissing sound from your engine, it could be due to multiple reasons. The common ones are leaking vacuums and the engine becoming too hot. The hissing sound may also result from a leaking fluid that falls on the engine's hot parts.

Some of the above noises may warrant immediately stopping the vehicle and looking for professional help. But for others, your vehicle may be fine while you drive to a dealership. Establish if the sound is new or if you are used to hearing it along a specific route.


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