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How Bad Driving Habits Can Hurt Your Vehicle

Everyone has some bad habits and that applies to driving too. Nobody expects you to be the perfect driver all the time but there are some driving habits that can hurt your car more than others. If you want to keep your car in good working order, it's best to stay away from these bad driving habits:

Revving the Engine

There's a good reason why you're told that you should warm up your car before driving and it's the same reason why revving your engine right after you've started it up is a bad idea. When your car hasn't been used in a while, you should give the oil a minute or two to circulate through the engine because your car needs to be lubricated to function properly.

Speeding Over Speedbumps and Potholes

Even though they're called speedbumps, they're meant to make you slow down while driving over them. If you speed over a speedbump or a pothole, the weight of the car behind that kind of drop can cause problems with many areas of your car, like the suspension system, alignment, steering, and shocks.

Problems in these areas can cause you to lose control of your car while driving. It's just not worth it so make sure you pay attention when coming up to a speedbump or pothole.

Hard Starts and Stops

Going from zero to 100 as soon as the light turns green might make you feel like you're winning a race but there is really nothing to gain from this. It significantly affects your gas mileage, which will cost you money in the end.

High speeds over a short distance will also likely lead to some sudden stops. Stopping too suddenly puts unnecessary stress on your brakes, which are there to keep you safe. Your safety is not something that's worth risking.

You don't have to strive for perfection but it's the least you can do for your car that does so much for you. Stay away from these bad driving habits that will shorten the lifespan of your car and wear down your car's parts for no reason.

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