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Stolen Converter

Catalytic Converter

Stolen Catalytic Converters are on the rise.
Why would someone steal your Catalytic Converter?
They steal Catalytic converters then sell them to Recyclers for the precious metals inside.
Converters are made up of Platinum, palladium and rhodium.
Palladium is similar in price as Gold.
Recyclers will buy used catalytic Converters, then melt them down to extract the precious metals.
Toyota Tundra’s are the most common victim we see at they have a high Platinum count and are easy to access by laying down underneath and cutting them with a portable Sawzall.

Trucks and Vans are easy victims due to access to converters but… thieves are getting creative and stealing them from cars with minimal access as well.

The aftermarket Catalytic Converters we install are a good option as they posses enough precious metals to meet E.P.A. requirements but less than factory converters; therefore, we don’t see them getting stolen as they don’t get as much money from Recyclers.

Tommy Ripley
President and General Manager 
Ripley’s Total Car Care

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