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What Are Some Common Signs That Indicate Suspension Problems?

Most people think that their car's suspension system is only there to provide you with a smooth ride on the roads. While that may be true, they serve other purposes too. For instance, they help other key components (engine, transmission, drive train, tires, etc.) from absorbing the effects of shocks and bumps. If your suspension system isn't functioning correctly, you will undoubtedly be able to feel it. Here are some of the most prevalent signs that indicate you need suspension repair:

Drifting or Pulling Hard to One Side

If your vehicle is drifting more than usual during turns or pulls hard to one side when you drive straight on the highway, you may have a suspension. This problem is worth getting checked out ASAP, as it could also mean you need a wheel alignment.

Uneven Treads

Harshly irregular tire treads are another symptom of bad suspension (or wheel alignment problem). You need to rotate your tires regularly to even them out over time. 

Bumpy Ride

If it seems like you can feel every little bump on the road or your car is vibrating, there's a good possibility you are dealing with poor suspension parts.

Greasy Shocks or Struts

Greasy or dirty shocks are usually never a good sign. It may signal that you have a hydraulic fluid leak or some other suspension problem that you will need to be patched up.

Front End Dips

If the front end of your vehicle dips when you bring it to a stop, then you should have your front suspension inspected by a professional.

Fails the Bounce Test

A sure way to tell if you need suspension repair is by doing the bounce test. To do this, apply all your weight to the front end of your car. Upon release, the car should stop bouncing quickly. If it continues to bounce after you let go, then your suspension system needs some attention.


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