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What Are the Different Types of Fluid Leaks?

Various fluids can leak from your car. While some leaks may not be troublesome, some can cause serious consequences, such as steering issues and engine failure. It's important to know the various types of fluid leaks to help you identify the fluid leaking from your car and why. Here are some of the various fluid leaks that your vehicle may leak:

Coolant Leak

Coolant leaks tend to be orange, pink, or bright green. A coolant leak protects your car from overheating and grinding, and therefore, this fluid's leakage can be catastrophic. However, it is normal for old cars to have coolant leakage, but modern cars are designed to prevent such leaks.

Oil Leak

Oil leaks appear brown or black. It can occur due to seals in the engine, valves of oil pans, or a degraded engine gasket. The color change may be due to usage, aging, or elements such as debris or dust.

Brake Fluid Leak

If you notice that your car is leaking a bright-colored fluid with a fishy smell, the leak is likely a brake fluid. A brake fluid leak can be detrimental to your braking system. It's important that you take your car to an auto repair shop as soon as you notice the leakage.

Transmission Fluid Leak

A transmission fluid leak can leave a light brown or red spill under your car. It often smells like burnt oil and can affect your car's performance. It's important that you check your transmission fluid to know when and how often to change or replace it.

Wiper Fluid Leak

Wiper fluid is usually blue or pink in appearance. This leak can occur when the wiper fluid tubes get damaged.

Water Leak

If you notice a clear and odorless leak, it's probably a water leak. A water puddle is often a result of the air conditioner, which condenses water, especially on moist days. This leak is harmless and should therefore not concern you.

In Conclusion,

While some leaks are harmless, most are usually a sign of trouble. So, if you need a car fluid leak repair, please bring your vehicle to Ripley's Total Car Care today!


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