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What Does Coolant Do for Your Car?

Coolant, also called antifreeze, is a mixture of ethylene glycol, lubricant, and inhibitors that get added to your vehicle's radiator. It technically becomes the official term "coolant" when the antifreeze is mixed with water. This solution helps maintain a stable operating temperature within the engine and enables your automobile to function optimally in both hot and cold conditions. Below is a full rundown of what exactly coolant/antifreeze does in your vehicle.


As the name implies, the antifreeze will, of course, prevent the moisture in your car's engine and radiator from freezing in harsh winter conditions. If it does freeze up, it can cause extensive engine damage.


Antifreeze prevents the engine and its components from overheating in a hot climate. An overheating vehicle can lead to irreversible damages and a breakdown on the road.


Antifreeze acts as a lubricant as it flows through the cooling system and in and out of the engine. It promotes efficiency and reduces the wear and tear of the parts it comes into contact with. A good example is your water pump.


The radiator is exposed to a mixture of metallic elements. It is at the center of both hot and cold conditions. If moisture gets trapped inside the radiator, it can quickly lead to corrosion and rust formation over time. A corroded radiator will likely cause leaks, which is why you should frequently have your cooling system inspected.


Responsible car owners should stay on top of their coolant and get maintenance as defined by their manufacturer. Antifreeze is an essential fluid of any car, and it is needed day in and day out for your car's operation. We highly recommend vehicle owners check the antifreeze levels every several months and top off if necessary. If you notice a change in the coolant's color, texture, or cleanliness, it should be changed or flushed. Don't neglect coolant maintenance, as it could lead to engine overheating and costly repairs down the line. 


If you suspect your vehicle needs cooling system services and repairs, please bring your vehicle to Ripley's Total Car Care today.

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