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What Happens If I Ignore My Low Tire Pressure Warning Light?

We have looked into the consequences of ignoring your low tire pressure warning light and allowing your tires over time to deflate. Carry on reading to find out more about what happens when you ignore low tire pressure warnings!

What is the aim of a low tire pressure warning light?

The purpose of the tire pressure monitoring system is to make the driver aware of when the tire pressure is low, and as a result, the car has become unsafe to drive. When the light is turned on and illuminated, this indicates that your tire is not sufficiently inflated and your tire pressure is now too low.

What are the main negatives effects of low tire pressure?

We have come up with a list of reasons behind why low tire pressure is so unsafe for drivers, and why low tire pressure warnings should certainly by no means be ignored.

  • Poor delayed braking and extended braking distances in wet conditions.
  • The danger of understeering or oversteering the car.
  • Elevated risk of tire punctures, or further tire damages due to low tire pressure.
  • The car being more out of control and difficult to drive in wet road conditions.
  • Your underinflated tire can explode and burst completely, which is highly inconvenient if you happen to be driving your car on a packed busy road, as well as you needing a new tire replacement.

Why do some drivers ignore the low tire pressure warning light?

Some drivers at times can quite simply be a bit too lazy and adopt the notorious 'I'll do it tomorrow' attitude. This approach can lead to drivers actually not replacing their car's underinflated tires for a very long time, and this can result in further tire damage or even damage to the whole car if the steering is compromised and then causes a crash.


Overall, you should be proactive and do something as soon as possible if you notice your low tire pressure light illuminating to tell you that your tire pressure is too low! If not, you may regret it and it could turn out to be an expensive mistake and hurt your pocket to pay to replace a tire or to replace the whole vehicle entirely. So. be careful to not ignore your low tire pressure warning light and bring your vehicle into our shop for assistance today. 

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