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What Is Brake Fade?

If you have ever pushed on your brake pedals and nothing happens, or it takes a significant amount of pressure to slow down your car, you experienced what is known as "brake fade." Nearly every driver has experienced this type of brake problem, so you shouldn't worry. Because brake fade is a widespread problem for many drivers, it is vital for you to understand the causes of it and what you can do to prevent it from happening.

Your vehicle's brake system has many parts at play: brake calipers, pistons, fluid, pads, and rotors. They all work simultaneously for one purpose: to create friction so that your vehicle speed can decrease (and stop). When your car can't produce friction in a timely manner, you can be at risk of colliding with other vehicles or objects and getting hurt. Below are some common problems that cause brake fade:

Brake Overheating

Most of the time, the primary cause of friction loss is too much heat.

Heat accumulates in your brakes when you brake too often, such as when you are stuck in traffic or are driving down a steep slope. It can also occur when you frequently slam your brake and acceleration pedals. Lastly, your brakes can also overheat from carrying heavy loads in your car.

Brake Pad Wear

As your brake pads age, they break down, and a resin coats the pad as a result. This surface acts as a lubricant and can slow down the process of friction.

Low or Overheating Brake Fluid

Whenever you are low on brake fluid or overheats, the fluid can't create the force to start your car. Consequently, your brake pedals will feel spongy.

Prevention Tips

The best prevention way to avoid brake fades is by keeping up with your regular vehicle maintenance and getting frequent brake inspections. Furthermore, it would help if you avoided aggressive driving and pressing your brakes. 


If you suspect you have brake fade and need brake repairs in Spring, TX, we welcome you to bring your vehicle to Ripley's Total Car Care today!

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