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Why Does My Brake Pedal Feel So Mushy?

Brakes are all around the most critical safety feature on your car, which is why it is essential to pay close attention to what the pedal feels like from time to time. One indication that your brakes are not working as well as they used to is when the brake pedal starts to feel spongy, mushy, or soft. You should have this knowledge, especially if you have an older vehicle since it may not be equipped with emergency sensors that can display on your dash. Here are several reasons that may explain why your brake pedal is mush-like or not engaging as quick as it used to:

  • The most common reason behind sponge-like brakes is air in your brake line, which could result from low brake fluid or a hole in the braking system. When air escapes into the line, you will need to have your brakes professionally flushed or bled to resolve the issue. If you suspect this problem with your brakes, our technicians at Ripley's Total Car Care can take care of the problem for you.
  • Damaged brake lines or calipers can also cause the brakes to feel soft because it compromises the effectiveness of the hydraulic system behind the brakes.
  • Old or contaminated brake fluid can conceive spongy brakes because it can absorb moisture that disrupts brake operation. Luckily, we can easily fix this problem with a brake fluid refill.
  • Lastly, a worn-out master cylinder can also negatively affect your brakes in this manner. The master cylinder is an integral part of the brake system because it stores the brake fluid. It also manages the flow of brake fluid. If this part is faulty, then you may not get enough fluid through the brake lines.


Regular brake inspections by a professional mechanic can help you avoid mishaps and keep you, your passengers, and other drivers protected on the road. If your car or truck requires brake repair, we invite you to bring it to Ripley's Total Car Care today.

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